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I will post details as soon as they are available. Here's a look at some artwork from the movie. For more on Zodiac Killer , see the March 20, update below.

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March 20, Today is the fifth anniversary of Zodiackiller. There are others I would like to thank, but they prefer to remain anonymous. There are at least five Zodiac movies scheduled for production this year, including Ulli Lommel's nearly completed work. Check out this exclusive sneak preview of Ulli's Zodiac Killer. For example, many experts consider Cheri Jo Bates to be the Zodiac's first victim and have been digging for clues ever since she was killed in However, only after more than 36 years is there finally a clear, detailed photo of the crime scene to cull information from.

While graphic, I've published the photo because I believe it will be helpful to those experts in crime-scene analysis who visit this site: New Cheri Jo Bates Crime-Scene Photo One of the most fascinating elements to the Bates case is the morbid poem found scratched into a desk top at the college where she was killed. Was it the work of her killer, or just a hoax? While reproductions of the poem were published soon after the crime, here's the first photo available showing the actual scale of the handwriting: Desk-Top Poem Scale.

Click here for details, including images of the letter and envelope. See the Nov. Please read my mission statement. Click here for the amazing details. It's truly fascinating stuff. Click here for Z-mail. Here are a few words from the director, Ulli Lommel: "The lead character is a year-old man who has become so obsessed with the Zodiac that he actually believes he is the Zodiac. He starts executing people just like his idol, until the real Zodiac, who hasn't killed anybody in 30 years, gets a hold of the copycat.

I would like to shoot several scenes where the young and the old Zodiac check out your website for details regarding the murders. I will also send you one of the first video copies once the film is completed approx. February 25, Tonight I scrutinized the film to see if I could find any connections to the Zodiac.

There were several, but none bigger than this: In Bullitt , Robert Duvall portrays a cab driver who drives cab number Approximately one year after the film was released, Zodiac killed cab driver Paul Stine. His cab number? For more information see the Zodiackiller. Over a year in the making, the show should be fantastic.

The Hunt for the Zodiac Killer: Full Episode - A New Code Uncovered (S1, E3) - History

Here's a message Cecelia's sister, Carolyn, sent Zodiackiller. I am very grateful to the strangers who comforted and attended to Cecelia at the lake, during transport, and the hospital medical team. We know you cared and at times felt powerless to help. Helena cemetery! The morning she left for Angwin, she ran back to Mom and hugged her for a second time. Mom said she had never done that before.

I believe Cecelia somehow knew her death was coming soon. Most of all, she was a beloved sister, daughter, and friend. The response was overwhelming; thanks to all of you who participated.

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Also included in the update is a three-page transcript of Darlene's divorce from her abusive first husband, Jim Phillips. Marshall's page has been updated with yet another newspaper article the San Francisco Examiner wrote about him in Click here for the MP3s. Here's a look at Vallejo from the early s , more than a decade before Zodiac changed it forever. July 28, Sad to report possible Zodiac victim Kathleen Johns died in late April after suffering complications due to a heart condition.

She was July 6, The Zodiackiller. Most amazing of all was the number of reporters and TV cameras. I do appreciate the publicity; however, if I ever organize another event like this, it will be without news-media involvement. Click here for pictures of the event. One of the "Big Three" television networks filmed for several hours in preparation for an hour-long, prime-time special on the case due this fall. Even BBC Radio attempted to broadcast live from the scene, unfortunately to no avail. Multiple newspapers also covered the event.

For those stories, including your in-depth discussion, visit the Zodiackiller. I thank those who attended. It was great to meet everyone! May 24, Got plans this 4th of July?

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  • Change 'em! Organized by this site, it's an event no Zodiac buff should miss. Update : The event was a big success.

    Thanks to everyone who attended. See the above update. May 13, I recently returned from a few days of research in Riverside, Calif. See the Special Reports Archive for a link to the pictures. April 3, For decades there has been speculation regarding Zodiac's potential sources of inspiration, ranging from Charlie Chan movies to Batman comics. However, an unsolved s murder might just be the answer. I hope your calling it stupid b. Because this movie was far from 'stupid' in the real sense, it was fascinating how the evil of one person can manipulate so many and do so many horrific acts upon people you 'love'.

    This movie is crazy asf but it was good really amazing but I didn't know at first that it was a true story but still a great movie. This movie had me crying. How could a mother do such horrendous and Barbaric things to her own children? I had a hard childhood but even though, I knew and felt my mothers love.

    She never Beat us, but we did have some hard times, my siblings and I.

    “This is the Zodiac Speaking:” The Serial Killer That May Never Be Found – StMU History Media

    At the very beginning of the movie it states that it's based on a true story. I was truly appalled after watching the movie and doing research on the case afterwards. My heart bleeds for children who are abused in any way. Im crying just thinking of the things those poor tortured souls go through. Absolutely horrific sickening true story on the Knorr family. I'd be pleased to murder that rotten piece of crap and laugh all the way to jail. There is evil and there is mental illness.

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    I have seen both. I did not die, no one went to jail, nor did I make the news, but I exist. When death does not occur. The world sweeps evil under the rug.

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    OlThey say "Get over it" "Move on with your life" and so on. This is so wrong. I am quite sure many serial killers and murderer's heard the same crap from people who don't know. Psychologist aren't traim ed for suicidal patients or would be murders. I wish I could help the afflicted,because the mass majority are clueless. Was very intense. The girl next door is a spin off an american crime thats a true story and it showed. Theresa Knorr killed her husband at the age of 20 and re-married.

    Her second husband left her and the kids later on. Theresa Knorr was also heavy set, dirty and had long dark hair that went down to her hips during the time of the.