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By , the sisters had hit upon the idea for Prakrta — a brand that would make all-natural skincare products.

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By that, I mean that not only are all our products made from strictly natural products, but every ingredient also has an active skin benefit. Mineral oil and petroleum-based products are not only harmful to the skin in the long run but can also trigger allergies in the delicate skin of babies.

They are thus a total no-no at Prakrta. Anupam clarifies that even so, every baby and adult needs to undergo a patch test to check if their skin is happy with the product. Click on this link to choose from their catalogue of all-natural hair and skincare products.

A Sensitive, Delicate Skin Treatment With Allergies

Some adults too consulted her. Over time, the young mother and Anupam started making the products on-demand and charging their customers only for the ingredients. Today, they have a range of baby oils, face serums, hair oils, skin polisher and body butter to benefit both babies and adults. You can check out their range and purchase their awesome products by clicking on this link.

At one point, the young one name withheld upon request could not even go outdoors. It's worth the money if you want a good shave. Besides, the last time I looked at one of the latest Fusion Power Wormhole Extreme razors, they're getting close to the safety razor for the base unit cost and the blades are ridiculously expensive. GungHo on June I've always used an electric.

Beltaine on June EggyToast Registered User regular. I use a Gillette Mach 3 and don't have any of your problems, most likely because I use a brush and good shaving creams. The blade only cuts the hair -- the rest of the stuff preps the hair for cutting. EggyToast on June Robziel Registered User regular. Robziel on June Do I look like the sort of man who'd go and find unsuspecting Japanese schoolgirls in short skirts and white panties and ask them if they want to see my "Cthulu Special"?

NailbunnyPD Registered User regular. I watched a few of these before even attempting to put the blade to my face and its paid off tremendously. I've only suffered one scratch after 2 shaves. I still need my wet shave supplies, so for now I only shave with the SR on the weekends, and still use the disposable headed Gillette during the week. The razor I went with was the Murker Long Handle Classic, which goes by a couple other names, including the Model The blades I picked up were Derby Extras, but I've since read that their quality is not consistent since recent changes to production.

As mentioned, I still need wet shaving supplies, so I am using my old Burt's Bees shaving cream not foam or lather until I have some cash. I'm not yet up to multiple passes or going against the grain, so its not a closer shave, but its definitely a preferable one. NailbunnyPD on June Namrok Registered User regular. I got a straight razor something like 3 years ago.

Scientists develop sensitive skin for robots - The Hindu

I invested in the razor, strop, mug, brush, wetstone, and thats all the money I've spent on shaving since. Except for the occasional new soap cake. Plus its the best shave I've ever gotten. I don't have to deal with the hair getting ground back into my face since the blade just takes it right off and away. I need to sharpen it every 3 to 6 months, but thats not hard. I imagine I'll be sticking with it for life.

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  • Namrok on June The Critical Boardgamer. I have never once shaved with an actual razor, I have always used an electric from the first time I started. I'm too used to it to switch now. I would imagine it depends on how coarse your facial hair is. Straight razors work like a charm but take a long time.

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    For someone with fairly coarse facial hair, a straight razor shave once a week and safety razors for the rest of the week looks and feels good, but that's expensive. Gihgehls Registered User regular. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I hate Merkur products. Their blades are some of the worst you can get, and their razor handles are extremely overpriced. I'd go with a vintage '60s era handle gillette from ebay and Feather brand blades. Gihgehls on June It takes a long ass time to go through razor blades.

    Yeah, definitely don't buy blades that you've never tried before.

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