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May 30, at am. Aly P says:. May 30, at pm. Posted in Gwen Hernandez. Apr 8.

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Congrats, Laura! A sexy, stoic FBI agent, and prickly, kick-ass cop, and a homegrown terrorist make for an explosive read that will keep you up long past bedtime. The caffeine is for the morning after you stay up all night reading. How is it different? I spent a lot of time planning this story before I wrote a word, really trying to get my heroine down. Andrea Finch is a detective with the Austin Police Department who is on leave from her job after a shooting incident when she gets an S.

Andrea suspects her brother has gotten himself mixed up in a really bad situation and goes out there to investigate. I love book research!

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While getting ready to write this one, I went on a police ride-along here in Austin. Do you plan to write any more Tracers book? I love writing the Tracers series. Allison and I have had fun collaborating on this series. Jun Writers often say their favorite book is the last one they wrote. Welcome, Laura! I love this blog and have discovered some wonderful new authors here. Launching the book is always the nervous part for me. Writing is when all the fun happens. Maddie is passionate about her work. While interviewing crime scene photographers I learned just how important this job is.

Photos can be key evidence at trial and an entire murder case may hinge on something as small as a wad of chewing gum or a shard of glass discovered at a scene. Maddie has a stellar career, but her personal life needs work. Following a serious loss, Maddie is aloof from people and avoids relationships, especially with men…. Brian takes an immediate interest in Maddie after one of her photographs becomes key evidence in his investigation. He is also determined to protect her when it becomes clear that her life is in danger because of something she witnessed through her camera lens.

Each book focuses on a different mystery and a different romantic couple. Leave a comment for a chance to win! Laura lives in Austin, Texas. Visit her Web site at www. Posted in Author Spotlight , Gwen Hernandez. Tags: exposed , Laura Griffin , Tracers series. Oct The main characters, Kelsey and Gage, first met in the novella Unstoppable , which was a sexy, suspenseful read.

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Laura always gives us hot, stoic, alpha men, and Gage is no exception. And in this book, a good portion of the action takes place outside of Texas. But the Delphi center and your favorite Tracers still have a strong presence. I am so excited to celebrate this release day with you all. My favorite part of writing takes place before I type a single word.

Scorched was a particular thrill because I had so much fun with the research.

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  5. To learn about my hero, Gage Brewer, I read up on Navy SEALs and then interviewed a few—and yes, they are just as impressive in person as they are in fiction! As a forensic anthropologist at the Delphi Center crime lab, Kelsey Quinn studies bones to provide leads for homicide investigators.

    I was a little wary at first, but it turned out to be fascinating. I enjoyed every minute of it and pestered each person I met with tons of questions. But when fate brings them together again through a murder investigation in which Gage is the prime suspect, Kelsey and Gage are forced to reach some sort of truce in order to survive the storm of events coming their way. Remember to comment for a chance to win a signed copy of Scorched! Tags: Laura Griffin , Scorched , Tracers series. Apr Read on to learn more secrets about this talented author who always delivers page-turning suspense interwoven with a compelling love story that sizzles.

    You might get an answer and a latte! GH: Tell us about Twisted. LG: I wanted to write a story about a rookie detective working her first big case. Allison Doyle is a tough, no-nonsense cop who messes up sometimes because she lacks experience. Was there a specific catalyst for this story?


    He threw it into the corner of the room with a thomp that made Kelsey jump a little. The other boot followed. And an instant later she had a giant, sweaty SEAL glowering down at her. The ordeal at the tunnel and the ensuing chaos and questions and formal debriefings had dragged on for hours.

    Every time she looked at Gage she got the shakes all over again. He could have died in that tunnel. He could have died because of her. And even without her, he could still die, on any day, for a thousand different reasons, and each one of them had to do with the fact that he was a soldier. Anger and something else—hurt? He pulled her up to him and crushed his mouth down on hers. She told him with her tongue, her teeth, her arms coiled around his neck as she clung to him. She leaned back and wrapped herself around him and let him take all that anger out on her, one kiss at a time.

    Her heart gave a little lurch. She sat up and glanced around. Soon the door opened and he stepped inside, wearing only his faded blue jeans.

    His gaze locked on hers as he tucked the phone into his pocket and came to sit beside her on the bed. The numbers permeated her brain. She glanced at the clock. She looked up at his somber expression and knew he was talking about today. He lifted a hand to her face and brushed his fingers down her cheek, as if that would somehow soften the message. Then she got up from the bed, walked into the bathroom, and closed the door. She showered, dressed, and packed her duffel—again—all without the slightest sign of emotion. Even her hands were steady on the wheel of her Suburban as she neared the dusty town of Midland and the first airport sign came into view.